Emma Durbridge

director stylist | owner

A career that began way back in the noughties, Emma began early with successes as an apprentice. Winning apprentice of the year at her college and Victorian IHS awards, recognising her creativity and skill set. Emma’s true hair passion lies with cutting and creating manageable, fashionable hair styles for her clientele. She likes to push boundaries and if you want something new she is always happy to oblige and of course encourage you to oblige . . .

Emma is not currently taking new clients.


Valentina Catalano

director stylist | owner

Proud owner at Three Blind Mice, Val has been hairdressing for over 14 years, happily alongside her great friends and fellow working mums, Emma and Toni. Val has a natural love and gravitation towards beauty and fashion. Her passion for hair tends to keep her up at night as she scrolls through the “gram” looking at new and inspiring styles to create for her clients. Her passion translates into her daily craft. She is sincere, and enjoys her personal time with her clients.

Valentina is not currently taking new clients.


Toni Anderson

director stylist | owner

Toni’s passion for hair and makeup came at an age which would naturally worry any mother. But with great advantage, it saw her commit to a career that would begin at just 15 years old. Also, a successful apprentice, she has won apprentice of the year and awards within the Hair and Beauty Industry. She has also been recognised for her collection at the infamous L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards sharing a compilation of curated colours and cuts. Toni has spent time working in London, mastering that ‘London look’ and honing in on her photographic and editorial skills. Two decades on, Toni is still passionate about creating wearable, up to date looks for her clientele at Three Blind Mice.

Toni is not currently taking new clients.


Claire Harrington

senior stylist

Claire, a 20 year + vintage, is our classic all-rounder with an abundance of skills. Over the years Claire has managed to keep herself extremely busy in our creative industry having educated the next generation both locally and overseas. She is extremely passionate about cutting and styling and works regularly on film, fashion, and music video and photographic shoots. She’s an OG member of the Three Blind Mice team and has completed a Design Degree with honours whilst working with us. A true creative.


Ashlea Aitken

senior stylist

Fashion hair styling comes naturally for Ashlea which has seen her participate backstage in numerous events with her resume reading long and progressive. She is the salon ‘go-to’ for all things Bridal and is proudly an ambassador for Cloud 9, presenting her skills, tips and tricks in styling, waving and all things hot tools to the wider industry. Ashlea’s skills don’t stop there though, she’s a passionate colourist and cutter and loves to work with all lengths of hair. As creative director at Three Blind Mice salon, Ashlea plays an important role educating staff and sharing her skills with the team.


Monica Fernandez

senior stylist

An absolute professional with a gorgeous soul, Monica has been in the industry long enough to see many trends come and go, and come again. She’s mastered all of them along the way with her impeccable classic precision cutting techniques mixed with her eclectic style. She’s a big fan of a blowout (probably picked that up during her stint in the ‘States) and making people feel good. Her creativity is expressed through her craft and through her incredible wardrobe.


Sheldon Knowles


Sheldon aka Shelly, a third-generation hairdresser, has been born and bred to be part of the industry. As Three Blind Mice’s first apprentice, she was trained in house and her passion and skills see her advancing in her career rapidly. Shelly’s modern colouring techniques see her as a favourite for creating blondes and balayage. . . She’s also fabulous with curly hair . . . I mean she has to be, have you seen hers?